Track your water usage and get alerts for potential leaks

The average household wastes up to 10,000 gallons of water per year, and 10% of homes experiencing leaks waste 90 gallons or more daily. It's time to take control.

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Detect Leaks

Get real-time alerts for any leaks in your water system, so you can take action and avoid costly damage.

Track Water Usage

Monitor your water usage and keep track of how much water you're using every day, week, and month.

Open Source

YDrip seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant, making it easy to monitor your water usage alongside other smart home devices.

Long Battery Life

The ESP32-S3 based water meter can run on battery power for months, so you don't have to worry about constantly changing batteries.


Simple Installation

YDrip attaches to your existing water meter with a secure strap and connects to your home's WiFi network. No need for a plumber - installation is quick and hassle-free. Once set up, simply use your smartphone to access water usage data and track your consumption.


Memory 64kbit FRAM
Connectivity 2.4GHz WiFi
Battery 3x AA (not included)
Measurement Accuracy TBD
Battery Life TBD


The current version of YDrip is meant for home automation enthusiasts that are comfortable running and setting up Home Assistant. A basic understanding of flashing ESP32 based devices is required. Future software versions will support cloud storage and easy setup for non-technical users.

The YDrip water meter uses advanced sensors to measure water flow from your homes existing mechanical brass water meter. It connects to your plumbing system non-invasively and provides real-time leak detection and more.

No. Water usage is recorded in real-time, but transmitted over WiFi at periodic intervals to increase battery life. You will still be notified of potential leaks in real-time. It is possible to transmit more frequently at the expense of battery life.

No, the YDrip connects directly to WiFi. The WiFi credentials are provisioned by flashing ESPHome.

We are currently conducting accuracy measurements and once completed, we will update the website with the accurate information. Please note that the YDrip water meter is not intended to replace your city water meter and should not be used in situations where absolute accuracy is required.

The software for YDrip is still in development, but you can expect a few months of usage from the battery.

The YDrip water meter uses 3 AA batteries.

YDrip has been tested with 5/8 meters (shown below), but should be compatible with most mechanical brass meters. It uses sensors to measure the rotation of a metal wheel in the brass housing, which corresponds to the amount of water flowing through your pipe.

Not yet, but keep an eye out for a future version of YDrip, which will be waterproof.